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Red Lobster Circling the Drain?


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Red Lobster Circling the Drain?

The 1st and only KSyrahSyrah | Aug 19, 2010 05:04 AM

We used to go to the Red Lobster a lot. We both like fish, and liked their rather extensive menu. We hadn't been in a while, and went in to find the fisherman's shack/warehouse theme gone, and redecorated in the coffee-shop-in-a-bowling-alley decor. Hard, wooden chairs, and bright. Very bright. including the bar. The service wasn't so good, and the menu seemed to have shrunk.

Fast forward to last Monday. Exhausted from shopping, I stopped by to pick up dinner. That was a mistake. The menu items were miniscule. They have removed ANYTHING I liked: gone is the Lobster Fondue bread bowl, the crab pasta alfredo, and over the years, other things.

My pals and I liked to stop by on our way home from shopping back in the day, and have zucchini dollars, and shrimp cocktail. Those are long gone along with my DS' favorite when he was little; an open faced tuna melt. (It was good, too.)

I don't understand why they would go out of their way to run off long time customers, and be so obvious that they are trying to save money. The place was dead when I was there, and it was 6:00p.m. They should have been busy.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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