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Red Egg and Jobee


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Red Egg and Jobee

FattyDumplin | Jul 7, 2008 05:52 AM

Anyone been to Red Egg? It's a newish dimsum joint on the north end of chinatown. It's off the beaten path and was kind of empty when I walked by, but curious to hear about any experiences there. The inside is super sheeshy, so not really sure what the target audience is.

Finally made it to Jobee. Now that I have a kid in tow, the LIRR trek to Flushing is kind of a pain, so the good news is that there's a decent Taiwanese tapas menu. The bad news is that the restaurant itself is depressing - I think it used to be a bar that they never renovated and simply stuck some booths in. I don't care about the decor, but that + the fact that its located in a remote part of chinatown + it's taiwanese food taht probably doesn't pander to the local crowd means I'm afraid it won't last long...

The food was decent. Oyster pancake was pretty good, lots of meaty oysters, good ratio of egg to veggie to gooey part, although the gooey part was under cooked. Had a couple noodle soups that had the right flavor, but weren't quite as good as the ones in flushing. Taiwanese meatball again had the right flavor, but the wrapper was a little too chewy. They wouldn't serve me stinky tofu, as apparently it's against the law or something...

I'd love to see them survive because it's a nice place to get some decent food, but without some major help in marketing / decor, I don't see how they make it. But for anyone who's ever wondered about Taiwanese cuisine and hasn't made the trip to Flushing, this is a nice introduction.


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