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Red Bananas - Aren't they supposed to be good?


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Red Bananas - Aren't they supposed to be good?

tzakiel | Aug 28, 2010 09:11 AM

I bought some red bananas at the local international supermarket. They were a nice maroon color and simply labeled "Red Banana"

I was inspired to do this by a recent issue of Saveur in which red bananas are listed as their "favorite" banana to eat raw... sweet taste similar to a yellow banana.

Well, it didn't turn out well. The first day, I opened one up (with a knife, the skin was like armor) and took a bite. I expected something different, of course. But what I got was a bitter, astringent and INCREDIBLY dry/starchy experience... I mean this thing dried out my mouth, my tongue, my lips, everything felt like I had just eaten poison.

I thought, well, that was awful, but let me wait a few days and try them again, maybe they are not ripe. Pretty much the same experience (maybe a bit less starchy, but terrible flavor (almost no flavor, really) and that starchy, bitter feeling. No sweetness at all.

Are these things supposed to be like this?

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