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Recs for Italian groceries/food gifts

BarefootandPregnant | Oct 12, 2005 04:34 PM

I need to make a package to send to a beloved aunt who is losing her appetite to radiation therapy and pain. She is a native of Sicily, raised in Bari, exiled to a piece of the US wherein Chef Boyardee = Italian food.

I'm slightly clueless as to where to begin; sheesh, around here any supermarket has more choices than she has seen in years. I guess I'll be shipping in a freezer chest with an ice pack or dry ice via Fed Ex, so perishables are semi- okay.

I'm in Cambidge, with a suburbanite's fears of the North End. (It is on my license that I shouldn't be allowed to parallel park in front of witnesses). Tell me that I must, though, and for her I will. Cambridge, Davis Square, and points North and West are a lot easier for me, though.

Any ideas very much appreciated.

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