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Recreating a Chinese tofu skin dish


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Recreating a Chinese tofu skin dish

RealMenJulienne | Apr 8, 2013 10:02 AM

Once, long ago, I had this dish at a local Chinese place. It was clearly more of a throw-kitchen-staples-together kind of dish than a real recipe, but was delicious nonetheless. Basically it was tofu skin (the kind that comes dried in long ribbons, not sheets), meatballs (gong wan), wood ear and bamboo shoots bound together in a brown sauce flavored with sliced ginger. There may have been gluten or seitan in there too... I don't remember. The overall flavor was very savory, not spicy, with the tofu skin soaking up the flavor of the sauce very nicely. I'm guessing it was stir-fried and then braised.

How you you go about putting this dish together?

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