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Want to recreate Simon Fischer Apricot Butter

greygarious | Oct 5, 2009 06:56 AM

When I lived in metro NYC, supermarkets carried this brand, which was very thick and made, I THINK, from dried apricots. I have a big bag of dried sulphured Blenheim apricots that were tree-ripened. The apricot butter recipes I have found online all call for fresh.

I don't necessarily need to sterile-can the spread, if I make a couple of jars I could freeze one. I am wondering if this is as simple as simmering the dried fruit in water. I assume I need to add an acid - thinking of grinding up a 1000mg Vitamin C tablet since lemon juice would spoil sooner. I am also thinking of adding Amaretto and/or almond extract to make something I'd use as cake or cookie filling.

Does anyone know the Simon Fischer brand, and have any pointers?

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