Reconfiguring and reimagining my pantry


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Reconfiguring and reimagining my pantry

dmd_kc | Aug 19, 2009 01:55 PM

I'm starting into my kitchen remodel today with the pantry. This is a structural change from a nice big closet-style pantry that's 38" wide by 43" deep. I'm moving the door around the corner so you'll now enter it on the 38" side.

When I got the house, it simply had five shelves that ran almost the full depth. They hold a tremendous amount of stuff, but it was incredibly easy to shove things to the back and forget about them. I'm planning on more, shorter and much shallower shelves running around the outside of the pantry in the new arrangement. They'll make a U, with the shelves at the side being maybe only one or two 15-oz cans deep.

Here's where I look to you for your clever solutions. I want to find a good way to store a few things, because I've never really cracked the code.

1. Potatoes, onions and garlic. Should I build some bins down low for these, with ventilation? I have some great stainless-steel baskets I could mount very easily.

2. Plastic storage containers. I have a ridiculous collection of Gladware, Ziplock and other brands of semi-disposable storage containers in 24,185 sizes and shapes. I love using them, but there HAS to be a decent way of storing them. Should I just pitch them and start over with one brand in just a couple-three sizes? Or is there some way to store them that won't make me nuts?

3. Does anyone use sliding shelves? I have one friend who installed them at fairly great cost, and says she never uses them because she put things on them she doesn't use almost ever. She wishes she hadn't spent the money.

4. Any other great ideas I'm missing completely? This is a blank slate at the moment: A big box with a door.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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