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Recommended Cookbook FAQ, ver. 1.0--Long

Gypsy Boy | Mar 15, 2004 07:50 AM

In Chicago, we have the great good fortune to have had Mike G, a highly respected poster, compile an FAQ, enabling out-of-towners and other newbies (as well as locals not well-versed in a specific cuisine) to consult a basic guide to discussion threads, arranged by type of cuisine. He updates the FAQ from time to time and it is an invaluable source for all.

Since I have benefitted from advice offered on this board with respect to cookbooks, I thought it might be helpful to provide a similar service here. Of course, mine isn’t as thorough: Mike not only directs one to the threads, he synthesizes the comments made in a pithy, helpful paragraph; I just list the place to go.

This is NOT intended to stifle discussion but simply to offer a guide to previous discussions. By all means, continue to post your queries. Cookbooks go out of print and lose favor. New books are published and discovered all the time. I have methodically reviewed the postings on this board and offer the following list of threads for those who may be interested.

One note: cookbooks specific to one restaurant or one chef have been left out; some threads have been left out as well because the discussion is simply too minimal. Others are omitted because the topic is too general, i.e., “best,” “favorite,” “year’s best” and so forth. If I missed anything, please let me know so I can add it for the next version. (N.B. There is a two-part survey of “definitive” ethnic cookbooks at 11/31030 and 11/30359)

If there is just a number listed below, it will fit the following format
[BROKEN LINK REMOVED] with the appropriate number inserted.
If, however, you see a two- (or one-)digit number and a slash preceding the five-digit number for the post, use this format instead:
[BROKEN LINK REMOVED] with the first digit(s) instead of the 00, and again inserting the appropriate post number.

Yes, too much time on my hands….

Gypsy Boy

Appetizers 22/82158; 13/39563
Asian ingredients (not cooking) 9/16237
Baking (see also Bread) 9/21145
Barbeque 9/21123; 5/8129
Basic 26/98219; 22/82627; 21/77688; 13/40481; 10/24276; 8/13451
Beverages (see Cocktails)
Bread (see also Pastry-making) 20/70653; 16/52192; 10/24530
Cakes 24/90366
Candy 23/87435; 15/49375; 12/34481; 9/20409
Canning 26/98892; 19/65761
Caribbean 15/50541
Cheese 26/99872; 22/82743; 21/78784; 19/68902
Chinese (see also Szechwan) 26/98707; 22/80984; 21/78678; 17/59593; 15/48073; 10/22861
Cocktail/beverage 25/97555
Coffee 9/19928
Cookie 20/72786
Crockpot/slow cooker 25/95009; 23/85546; 16/51834
Czech 22/83045
Diana Kennedy (“which one?”) 103896
Ethiopian/Eritrean 2/1475
Fish 21/79215
German 23/85544
Greek 19/68820 (with some Chinese recommendations as well)
Grilling 5/8129
Herbs 13/40230
Ice Cream 13/39041
Indian (see also Madhur Jaffrey)26/99256; 25/94479; 14/42857; 13/39436
Indonesian 19/67497
Italian 103988; 16/55825
Japanese 26/98782; 20/72011;15/50885
Jewish 9/17966
Korean 18/63673; 6/10418
Latin American 1/1148
Lebanese 25/93416
Low-carb 23/84970
Madhur Jaffrey (“which one?”) 103893
Mexican (see also Diana Kennedy)16/51623; 14/43684
Mushroom 18/62871
One person 104375
Pastry-making (see also Pies) 23/87500; 22/83319; 6/10117
Peruvian 103269
Pies 19/69823
Pizza 22/83119
Preserving (see Canning)
Rotisserie 20/73286
Sauces 24/92922; 19/65656
Sausage-making 13/38327
Spanish 26/99875; 11/28636
Street food 8/15192
Sweets and desserts 5/7877
Szechwan/Sichuan 25/95132
Thai 21/79248; 19/69647; 5/7673
Vegan and seafood books 104910
Vegetable (not vegetarian) 26/102666
Vegetarian (crockpot) 25/96180
Vegetarian 20/73565; 4/6012
Vietnamese 20/70631; 17/57406
Wine 23/84706; 11/27798; 8/13299; 5/7054; 4/6323

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