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Please recommend a protein for me to make


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Please recommend a protein for me to make

Gosh | Jul 25, 2007 10:53 AM

I'm making "spaetzlesotto," my "German-fusion" dish. Basically I make plain spaetzle. Then I make a sauce consisting of some garlic, some reduced chicken broth, some reduced cream, and S & P. I also sautee some wild mushrooms or I've steamed some asparagus.

I sautee the spaetzle in a little butter then toss with the "contorni," sauce, and some Parmagiano. As you can imagine, it tastes like small pasta in a cream sauce (really nothing special). My GF likes it though since it's pseudo-German.

Anyway, I'm soliciting recommendations for a protein to serve with this heavy dish. Her mom will be eating with us and she doesn't care for crustaceans of any kind. I'm not a big lamb fan but anything else will fly.

For the rest of the menu, I'll probably do a tomato salad of some kind and maybe some steamed broccoli (it's sitting around in the fridge). I'm thinking of doing a melon water (using my new Superbag) with something for dessert so if anyone has ideas how to incorporate melon water into a light dessert, I'd love to hear them.

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