Recommend an electric cooktop I will hate a little less, please


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Recommend an electric cooktop I will hate a little less, please

danna | Nov 4, 2011 06:00 AM

I cannot go into much detail describing how much I despise the Amana glass top cooktop I bought in '97 without using the f word...a lot.

I have thought for all those years that I would go propane eventually, but the hassle of running a line, cutting my granite to drop in the gas top I want, having a tank in the backyard to mow around, having no idea how it could be refilled since my landscaping would defy having a truck drive to that side of the house, and my general fear of blowing myself absent minded self sky high, has led me to the pathetic point of considering whether glass tops have improved in the last dozen years....or the possibility of induction.

The %*&$^# Amana now has a burner that won't turn off, leading me to finally make a move.

I've read a lot of the debate about induction on this board, so I don't really want to take you all there, but I would like a few recs for brands/models to research. I cook w/ All Clad Stainless and Le Crueset most of the time, occasionaly cast iron, copper, and vintage Revere ware.

Also, I'd like to hear some recommendations for electric flat tops that don't suck so bad. 36 " Mainly, I'd like to have some kind of &$^&ing control over the heat.

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