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How Should Recipes be Written?

sandylc | May 14, 2012 08:44 AM

I have been searching for the very best method for writing recipes. Ideally, baking recipes should have both weight and volume measurements, since I like to weigh as many ingredients as much as possible.

Should the ingredients be put into some sort of table, a la Rose Levy Berenbaum? Or do you all like it when the ingredients are on the left side of the page, lined up with their time of usage on the right side of the page? Do you prefer numbered steps, or more of a narrative style?

I personally hate it when a recipe introduces an ingredient that wasn't listed with the other ingredients, either by oversight or by the thought that an ingredient like water doesn't deserve to be listed....

Then there's the old Gourmet magazine method - does anyone remember way back when they did not included ingredient lists at all? That was really baffling!

EDIT: I ran across a website a while back called something like Recipes for Engineers which really had a different style....I'll look for it and post back....

Any thoughts?

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