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Any recipes for low Vitamin K casseroles for a neighbor on blood thinner?


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Any recipes for low Vitamin K casseroles for a neighbor on blood thinner?

Rasam | Dec 26, 2012 09:22 AM

My elderly neighbors who are good people and good friends, one of them is now on blood thinners. So she has to eat very low Vit K. Green leafy vegetables, or any green ingredient (including parsley), seem to be out, as apparently are cauliflowers.

I was thinking of taking them a casserole, which is a dish I have almost no experience making, but I can deal with that.

I am more worried about making sure that I don't inadvertently include any high Vitamin K ingredient in the dish. One of the difficulties is that online resources, including those from reputable places like University Hospitals, sometimes disagree on ingredients' levels of Vitamin K, or leave out some ingredients I might think of including.

So, I was thinking of making a casserole containing:
chicken, artichokes, corn, embedded in a cream "sauce" of some kind, maybe including pasta (elbows or shells or orzo?), and topped with breadcrumbs. These ingredients (depending on the specifics of the sauce) should be OK.

Are there any hounds with experience with this diet, and can someone share with me a good casserole recipe that a) contains safe ingredients, b) likely to please elderly persons whose tastes are probably conventional, and c) not extremely complicated?

Thanks in advance

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