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Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Kivarita | Jun 9, 200609:58 PM

Does anyone have family recipes for foods/meals you really enjoy but that you've never heard of in anyone else's family? Might seem like a weird question, but the reason I bring it up...

Sloppy Joe's at my house growing up, and at my house now, are not tomato-based, aka Manwich-like. They're made w/ ground beef, a can of chicken gumbo soup, a diced green pepper and ketchup and yellow mustard. I've never heard of this in anyone else's family...*ever*. It sounds like a "back of the soup can" recipe, but I've never found it. And because it has yellow mustard, my husband refuses to eat it.

The other one we've got is a play on chicken and dumplings, involving 2 cans of Chunky-brand Chicken Noodle soup and a can of refrigerator biscuits. Anyone else heard of this? Anyone wanna volunteer your, ahem, unique family recipes?


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