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Recipe submission form gripes

Berkana | Oct 21, 200903:28 AM

I tried to submit a recipe, and ran into a lot of frustrations, which I will vent here. If you were to fix these, it would make the system a lot easier to use.

* I would like the ability to save drafts of recipes so I can work on them later.
* I saved a test recipe where I tested some of the Textile formatting codes, but then I found that I am not given the option to delete the test recipe I submitted.
* I would like the ingredients list of the recipe submission form to permit the addition of sub-lists. For example, let's say I have a recipe for a dish that involves a sauce, a filler, and a wrapping pastry. Let's say they each use some ingredient in different quantities. I would prefer not to list that ingredient several times; I would prefer to be able to create several ingredient lists for each component of my recipe.
*The same request applies to instructions. I would like to be able to divide the instructions into several sub-procedures.

Please make these changes to the recipe submission form. It would make the form a lot easier to use.

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