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Recipe Seeking--Avocado Chile Sauce???


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Recipe Seeking--Avocado Chile Sauce???

tundrah | Mar 14, 2009 08:54 AM

Hello all,

It is peak avocado season here in So Cal and we are up to our ears in avos.

I am hoping someone knows what I am talking about here and maybe can supply a recipe...

My favorite taco shop in Idaho would serve some sort of green sauce with its carne asada tacos. It obviously consisted of avocado, and when I asked the shop owner, chiles as well. It was creamy in consistency--like a thin yogurt--and was absolutely heavenly. Very mild, no spice at all, super rich, smooth and creamy and SO, SO good.

I may be brave enough to attempt this on my own if I was at all familiar with chiles, but I am not.

Anyone familiar with what I have described? Even better, anyone have a recipe--or even at good guess at such?

You will be my hero.... 22 avos in the kitchen counting down to go time...!!!

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