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What's a Reasonable Amount of Time Before Ordering?


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What's a Reasonable Amount of Time Before Ordering?

George Lynch | May 1, 2001 07:05 PM

This is prompted by a response to one of my posts on the Manhattan board, in which I mentioned that I thought our waiter was trying to rush us at a recent dinner. There were four of us, it was a Friday night, and we had ordered a bottle of white wine. The place wasn't crowded and we wanted to relax. The waiter asked us five minutes after we sat down if we were ready to order, and when we said no, he left only to return about 10 or 15 minutes later.

What do other chowhounds think is reasonable? Does it depend on time and place? If you are drinking wine or beer (or bottled water, for that matter), aren't you paying your way? I guess what I'm asking is how sensitive us diners should be to the restaurant's need/desire to turn over the table.

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