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Real Chicken Soup from Restaurants

Notorious IAB | Aug 5, 200512:50 PM

Are there any restaurants out there that still serve the real stuff. Every where I go theses days it seems to the chicken soup is made from a mix, powder or cubes. I make sure to ask and the waiter's answer is almost always "no it made from scratch" at first. Then I tell them I'm allergic to MSG (an ingredient always included in the powders) and if I have any I will vomit and have to have my stomach pumped. At this point the waiter says "let me check to make sure" and comes back saying yes its the powder and it has MSG. What's the point of ordering soup at restaurant when I can buy the powder myself and make it in the microwave at home. Also the powdered stuff tastes awful. I suggest a boycott of the palces that serve the powder but I doubt anyone else will follow my lead.

Any suggestions?

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