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Real BBQ (split from South board)

Hushpuppy | Jun 5, 200809:37 PM

This portion was split from this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/52527...

And Shake n Bake is real fried chicken, just cooked in the oven...

Real barbecue is cooked over coals burned down from wood. The flavor can't be reproduced with electric or gas ovens and wood chips. Lots of places that serve barbecue-style roast pork are quite good. (J&G Barbecue in Haw River or Ken's Grill in LaGrange) Lots that serve real barbecue are not. (Little Pigs in Statesville) Real, good barbecue doesen't need any sauce, vinegar or otherwise. A crockpot full of pork and Scott's or Well's sauce does not make barbecue. The flavor of slow cooking over wood is the distinguishing characteristic of real barbecue. Just because meat is prepared using barbecue sauce does not mean it's real barbecue.

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