Not About Food 47

"We're not ready for our entrees yet..."

chowser | Mar 19, 201205:24 AM

Is it okay to say that? We were at a casual place, service a little frenzied. Our appetizers and salads were served before the drinks. As we started, our entrees were served and the person (not the server) put the plates down, which was awkward w/ limited space on the table (lots of moving plates/appetizers/condiments around. She asked, "Oh, you just got started on your salads?" so she did notice. Our dinners sat, getting cold, while we finished our appetizers and salads (no drinks yet). It was so unexpected that I didn't say anything, but in hindsight, is it better to let it go, or ask that they take it back until we're ready. What's a better option: asking them to bring the food back later with it under a hot lamp (especially pork chops) or keeping the food to get cold/warm on the table w/ limited room? FWIW, we finally received our drinks midway through dinner and had to chase down the server to pay because we never saw him again. I'm also wondering if we had sent back the meals, how long it would have taken to get them back. This isn't a tipping question, or a treatment question--just what is a better option for an optimal meal given the situation?

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