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Can You Read Your Menu?


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Can You Read Your Menu?

lemons | Jun 18, 2011 03:21 PM

While I've run into some menus that were hard to read because of background color, and others where the "spicy dishes in red" red was so dark some at the table couldn't tell which dishes were printed in black and which were in red, the ongoing mutter I'm hearing about is dark restaurants. Maybe it's just that we're getting older - it's true that aging eyes need more light, and that phenomenon doesn't wait for you to have your Medicare card before it begins - but I've loaned a wee flashlight to friends and threatened to use it myself. And it's also a shame not to be able to fully appreciate a carefully plated dish.

Others thoughts? Actually what I keep envisioning is a flashlight hung on a large, noisy ring of keys so the restaurant management will hear some commotion even though they don't seem to be able to look in my direction until they're ready.

Or maybe I'm just cranky this afternoon.

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