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Raw Onion - McDonald's


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Raw Onion - McDonald's

jounipesonen | Dec 17, 2013 12:51 AM

I assume the reason is no one had yet tried to sue them (McD's seems to only change policies when faced with legal action) - but I really wonder why after 50-60 years they haven't tried to fix the nasty taste of raw onion by just using the soak method.

Whenever I 'have to' eat a McD product I ask for 'no onion.'

The very acrid taste of most varieties of cut onions left for even a number of minutes creates an unpleasant off-taste that is well known. (When an onion is cut there is a combination of chemicals which continues creating this 'taste.')

McD however is no exception - I constantly find restaurants and sandwich places that still 'don't get it.'

Has anyone found further/better solutions to a 30 minute soak in cold water - with a bit of lime juice or vinegar?

And anyone worked at a McD to tell just how many hours they leave the cut onions 'to develop?' :-)

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