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raw milk question


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raw milk question

drdawn | Apr 18, 2004 04:03 AM

I went to a farmers' market yesterday and bought some unpasteurised milk and cream, after a farm-living friend had told me about how nice the stuff tastes. I can't bear to taste milk on its own, but did taste the cream, which was unbelievably good.

So I've been reading up on why there's a label warning about the health risks of drinking unpasteurised milk. Apparently there is quite a bit of controversy, which probably isn't worth rehashing here (although there are plenty of factsheets one can find on the internet from all sorts of health authorities and advocacy groups). I can do without the milk, but want to make a go of the cream, because it is so extraordinarily good. Apparently the legal minimum in australia for pasteurisation is to heat it to 71c for at least 15 seconds. If I did this in a pot at home, would it have the same effect? Is there anything special I'd have to do, other than bung in a pot and heat? I havent got a thermometer, so I was thinking if I kept it at, say, 30 seconds at just before boiling that should be enough (hoping it doesn't separate...really really high fat content it seems).

Also, if anyone can tell me why organic milk holds its whiteness better in coffee than inorganic, they get a star prize...


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