Raw milk cheese and other unpasteurized dangers?


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Raw milk cheese and other unpasteurized dangers?

Food Tourist | Sep 13, 2008 09:45 AM

I love illegal raw milk cheese, unpasteurized honey, etc. However, being stuck at home for two days with food poisoning (the only symptom requires Immodium - no fever or pain) really sucks. I don't know whether to attribute it to: possibly slightly undercooked fresh gourmet sausage and bacon that I had frozen for a week or two and then thawed in the fridge before cooking; slightly undercooked boiled egg that was slightly past the due date before cooking; 2-day old stir fry that contained large from-frozen shrimps; a latte from Second Cup that took me an hour to drink; a grocery store-prepared fruit salad; or some raw milk 3 year aged cheddar that has been in my fridge since August 18th and from which I had to scrape off a light coating of mold. Wow, I live on the edge, eh? Short of throwing out the entire contents of my fridge and only eating bananas and white bread from now on, what do you think is the likely culprit? I ask about the raw milk cheese because I have a couple of food-obsessed friends who are actually afraid of the bacteria and will only eat pasteurized because of horror stories they've heard. Have you had any bad experiences with unpasteurized bacteria?

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