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RAW - The Cookbook

Gayla | Dec 15, 2003 10:11 PM

A good friend of mine is a chef, food writer, food editor. He received his copy of RAW, the new Roxanne Klein/Charlie Trotter cookbook last week. We've talked about this concept alot - he attended the Charlie Trotter *raw* seminar at the IACP conference in San Diego, and I spent a summer watching Roxanne's restaurant renovations before moving to San Diego. I asked my friend for a review of the book, here is what I got --

"Okay, I may not be the next Jeffery Steingarten but anyway here's my review. The lowdown on Raw, a book that belongs better on your coffee table than on your kitchen counter. This $35 cookbook published by Ten Speed Press is a handsome homage to the raw movement where nothing is cooked beyond 118 degrees. Big, glorious, full-colored photographs capture each of the 70+ recipes all produced on glossy stock. One suspects Roxanne's well-heeled husband may have sunk a small fortune of his own into the production of this book. Nothing in recent memory, cookbook or not, has this much 4-colored photography. And surprise, all the recipes sound and look interesting. But I'll forewarn you, you've got to be a hardcore vegan or a very adventurous foodie to attempt some of these dishes. Even the beverages and desserts have no less than a minimum of 10 ingredients and when the recipe directions run into full paragraphs, you know you're in trouble. And some of the processes are so involved that the only thing raw is what your nerves will become if you actually try making one of these recipes. My advice G, forget cooking in the Raw, just appreciate it from a far. I'll bring you the book next time I see you."

Has anybody else seen the book, and what was your impression of it. I'm curious, especially since I received the January Gourmet today and there was yet even more press for the raw movement. Is raw viable, or is it just too much work?

(My apologies if this should be on the "Not About Food Board". I wasn't sure if it fit here or there)

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