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Rating the ratings (sorta long)


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Rating the ratings (sorta long)

Tracy L. | Aug 13, 2005 11:32 PM

I am saving up for a trip to New York City for DH next year to see the US Open. I've started doing some research now because I love to travel and I need a diversion right now. It has actually been a pretty funny experience. I've borrowed guide books, checked the internet for Hotel deals and have perused the and CH for ideas. I used to live in NY as a kid and as an adult I try to keep abreast of some of the fun that is to be had there. What I find so funny is the internet sites that allow people to review either hotels or restaurants range drastically. I've even checked the reviews for places in cities closer to home to use as a comparison and come up with the same results. For example a review for the fictious Hotel Beezelbut might read: " I saw a rat in my room, the staff ignored me and my room was too small" or "it was the cleanest, tidiest, friendliest place I've ever stayed at that had cozy, cute, small rooms". How does a person make a decision when the ratings vary so dramatically(for either a hotel or restaurant)? I am adventurous so if the place sounds interesting and or within my budget and the reviews are positive for the most part I take a gamble and go. But let's say I wasn't so 'adventurous', what would I do to make up my mind? And what about guide books? A friend rolled her eyes when she saw me looking at some in the bookstores the other day. She said "well they are a good resource if you want to know where all the other tourists are and how to avoid them". However, one of my most savvy, globetrotting friends has a library of them and they look well used. I know whatever choices I make they will be good ones but I am very curious as to how other people make their decisions. Thanks

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