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A Rare Event! Visits to Taquiza and Asian Deli!

Dommy! | May 10, 200502:06 AM    

This weekend, I got to do something I hardly EVER do! Go out to eat near home… Whenever, I find myself at home (Be it my home, my parents home or my grandparents) I prefer to cook. But this weekend was a little different…

The media company I work for was a major sponsor at this weekend’s big 5k Run/Walk near USC where I grew up and by my grandmother’s home. Ideally, I would have gone to visit her right after… but G’ma is partying up in Mexico (no really…) and I found myself at the Corner of 30th and Figueroa and facing the minimall which housed La Taquiza.

This was my first time going into La Taquiza, and I was rather surprised as I walked in. I always imagined it as a kinda greasy taco stand. But it’s a rather large restaurant, colored brightly and VERY clean. Along the wall was a large salsa bar full of wonderful looking fresh salsas and the BIGGEST spicy pickled carrots I’ve ever seen!! Plus, on the TV was our station! So it was Mexican enough to make me feel comfy, but nice and clean enough that I could totally picture it full of ‘SC fans on Game Day…

I ordered three Mulitas, $2.40 each: Cabeza, Al Pastor and Carne Asada from the cook…. Then he plopped down a premade ‘fresh’ thick tortilla… Uh… oh… I remembered the Mulas from Las Ruinas, made with REAL fresh Tortilla… already I could see this had the texture of leather… :/

Yeah, when it got served to me, it was pretty tough… I had the Cabeza one first… Bleh… way greasy! Then, bug into the Al Pastor, thick slices of Al Pastor, but not very tender nor did their flavor have a ZING. Finally, tried the Carne Asada, the best of the group. Well done, but not tough. Nice flavor that went really well with the Salsa Roja…

I’m glad I tried it, but won’t be back. Mercado la Paloma is not that far, and at the corner of G’ma is actually my favorite Taco Truck.

After this experiment, I drove to Diamond Bar where my parents live. But right as I walked in, they were walking out. I was planning to make a big dinner the next day, so I didn’t want to cook, I convinced my brother to get some take out from the Asian Deli, the ‘authentic’ Indonesian restaurant in Diamond Bar. Since it was a spur of the moment thing, I didn’t do the research on the place I should have… So I ordered pretty typical things.

Gado-Gado: Traditional Cabbage Salad with Peanut Sauce… Very tasty and the peanut sauce was one of the most homemade versions I’ve ever seen!! $6

Nasi Goreng Special: Fried Rice with Chicken and Shrimp. A HUGE order with a fried egg on top! The Chicken and Shrimp weren’t very good, but the addition of the egg and the Tofu was outstanding! Overall taste of the rice was VERY good. Very spicy (We requested it that way) but also slightly sweet… Not bad!! $6

Verkedel: We had tried something similar at our Rastafel dinner at Indo Café, so I was looking forward to trying this version out. It was similar, mashed potato cake, but made with ground beef. $4.00 for 4! Not bad!

Mie Bakso Soup: Beef ball and Tofu soup made with egg noodles and again, it was SPICY (They didn’t treat us with kid gloves at all!). I have to PRAISE this tofu they make! Just like in the Nasi Goreng, they take THICK slices of Tofu, fry it in the kitchen (None of the premade stuff) and get the PERFECT fried crust, while the inside stays soft and silky… The best fried tofu I’ve had at any Asian Restaurant!! $5

Upon leaving with the Take out, I noticed that on their business card, they have house specialties (None of which I ordered!) and sadly I left the business card at my parents house! :P

However, the owner was VERY friendly and eager to explain and guide you through each dish… And they even had a little website! :D



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