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Rant About Upscale Restaurants: Glop on a Plate


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Rant About Upscale Restaurants: Glop on a Plate

Dave Feldman | Mar 30, 2003 12:25 AM

I like most meats, fish, and vegetables that are likely to be entrees in most cuisines. As a result, I tend to be swayed, when ordering, by the accompaniments on the plate.

Here's what happens to me. I sit and read the menu of an upscale American/fusion/Western European restaurant. That rabbit I was thinking of ordering is served with escarole and spring onions. Bang! I love escarole. I love spring onions. When the plate comes, a lovely grilled rabbit lay atop the vegetables, and the result is a gloppy mess, with all the flavors blended together. My friend's skirt steak was smushed over his potatoes and spinach, with gravy and drippings smothering the vegetables.

I don't think this was the idea of vertical food, was it? Yet increasingly I'm finding that big-ticket plates resemble the old hot-turkey sandwich platers at diners. Is it time to request food to be served on TV dinner trays?

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