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Rant about table space


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Rant about table space

TomTom | Apr 14, 2005 06:50 PM

Last night, SO and I dined at a fairly pricey euro-cuisine restaurant. Hadn’t been there before. We were seated promptly, according to our reservation time, at a two-top arranged comfortably away from the nearest neighbors. Ordered everything at once since we’d been given plenty of time to peruse the menus.

Appetizer, to share, arrived 20 minutes behind the drinks. Fine. Bread was also placed on the table. We each ordered a salad course; these arrived before we finished picking at the appetizer, not a problem. Once appetizer was finished, plate was picked up promptly. But here’s the problem: moments later the mains arrived. Neither of us was finished with the salads and there was no room for two more plates on the table.

The server whirled everything around, hoping, apparently, that some sleight of hand would produce additional tabletop real estate. He finished, frustrated, with the salad plates askew, the dinner plates hanging inches off the table (direction of our laps), and the bases of the wine glasses tucked inconveniently between salad plates and main plates.

What the heck? I suggested to the server that it would probably be a better idea to serve the mains after the salad plates could be cleared, but he blew me off with a comment about how they prefer to serve the meals as soon as they come up.

We ended up surrendering our unfinished salads---and the bread---in favor of keeping the dinner plates solidly on the table. Am I wrong to have felt annoyed and resentful? Should I have insisted he take back the main plates until we were ready (I shuddered to think what could have happened to them back in the kitchen)? The food was quite good but we won’t be going back.

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