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Rant about flour in recipes


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Rant about flour in recipes

Spencer | Jun 1, 2003 01:51 AM

Okay, I am not actually going to rant, but I want to. It's just that I am not good at ranting. I would feel self-conscious about the whole ordeal, given that I know there are so many good ranters out there that would be like, "God, this is such lotheful and pitiful ranting." However if I were going to rant, it would be about right here, so pretend that I just ranted.
That said, I hate it when recipes don't specify what kind of flour one is to use in a given recipe. Especially in baking/bread type recipes! (Insert another rant here- a good nasty one.) Baking is so persnikity and precise that the type of flour is huge. Is there some trick or piece of information that I am missing here that would help me to know what kind of flour to use?
Thanks for the help, and sorry about the whole rant thing :)

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