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Range hood advice needed

lazyjane75 | Mar 14, 201212:16 PM

So, we have a 36" Viking Range. Not sure what the model is, but it has 4 burners and a griddle. And is from about 1992 (when the previous owner redid the kitchen).

The current hood is a rather elaborate - yet totally ineffective - setup. There is a roof-mounted blower, don't know how many CFMs, but it has to go up through 2 stories and our attic. Also, not totally sure how wide our ducts are....

I've been dealing with the ineffective part by opening a window whenever I cook so as to avoid setting off our smoke alarm. Less than ideal, but not really excited to spend a lot of money.

But... we are getting our roof redone. Rather than have them do all kinds of flashing and whatnot around this ineffective external blower, I'm thinking maybe I should think about this problem in the near-term.

I think we have some kind of custom liner set up right now with an under-cabinet hood. The outside of the hood is stainless with some sort of brass towel-bar looking thing on it. Not loving the brass towel bar. And the liner (inside) isn't great. Has a mesh grate thing and the knobs to turn on the lights and the fan are on the sides of the inside so you always burn your hand on the bulbs....

Do I need 1200 CFM to get all the way up to the roof?

I'd think about getting a 600 cfm 36" hood with an internal blower if not, since that seems like the most economical approach and would allow me to update all three aspects of my current dated setup. But it doesn't look like there are many options for internal blowers with 1200 cfm, so if I really need 1200 cfm, I'd be stuck getting another roof mounted external blower. If I went with the internal blower hood, I'd just have them take out the external blower and just put in a round duct all the way through the roof (or however those things are supposed to be, probably need a cap of some sort, I think the roofer could handle it).

Also, anyone ever tried to use stainless steel paint? Thinking about painting that brass bar, but worried that it will look stupid since it is connected to something that is actually made of stainless steel.


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