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Ramsey vs. Colicchio??

hungrystudent257 | May 12, 200804:36 PM

I know there are a lot of threads about Chef Ramsey already, but I couldn't find any that address this issue. Do you still respect him as a chef, or is it even possible to? I know that he has three Michelin stars and is thus an extemely talented chef, but every week when I watch Hell's Kitchen, my awe for his craft dwindles.

I cannot say off hand how much he has to do with the show (is he credited as an executive producer? does anyone know?), but the show is getting worse. They purposefully keep beef wellington and risotto on the menu (each season, I believe?) because they are easy for inexperienced chef's to screw up, They seem to pick up stupider and stupider people each season. Perhaps if he had a role on the show other than screaming and throwing food, it would be easier to forgive his whoring out of his craft.

I think that is the appropriate term for it because thats exactly what he is doing. I cannot recall an instance on the show where he actually cooks, and yet he is selling his name and his culinary legacy to the Fox network so that a bunch of idiots can spastically run around a kitchen, injure themselves and "forget the f*cking potatoes"

It's hard not to compare Ramsey with Tom Colicchio of Top Chef. Tom has no Michelin stars, but he has won 5 James Beard Foundation Awards and is a very well respected chef. While they run on different concepts, the two shows are basically the same: aspiring chefs compete in a variety of challenges to win a big culinary prize. I know that service is an extremely high pressure environment, and I'm sure Chef Tom would do his share of yelling if he had to expedite, but I doubt he would make such a spectacle of it. Tom has not (as far as I know) even so much as picked up a knife on Top Chef, (I can't recall-- please correct me if I'm wrong), and yet he still maintains his well respected dignity.

I know that screaming is Ramsey's shtick, but does that (aside from his tanning bed raccoon eyes) take away from his culinary talent for you?

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