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Rampant mislabeling of fish -- still


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Rampant mislabeling of fish -- still

racer x | May 26, 2011 07:43 PM

Yet another story about how widespread the mislabeling of fish and shellfish remains in markets and restaurants, based on DNA testing.

"Recent studies by researchers in North America and Europe harnessing the new techniques have consistently found that 20 to 25 percent of the seafood products they check are fraudulently identified, fish geneticists say...." Rates of mislabeling (called "fraud" by critics) are said to be as high as 70% for some species of fish.

" 'If you’re ordering steak, you would never be served horse meat,' said Dr. Hirshfield of Oceana. 'But you can easily be ordering snapper and get tilapia or Vietnamese catfish.' ” ...

“ 'If you can’t even trust that the name is right, then how can you trust anything else on the package, including the date?' she [Dana Miller, a doctoral student who has studied the mislabeling of cod in Ireland] said."

This article mentions the release yesterday of a report calling for better governmental regulation to address the issue.
The non-profit organization sponsoring the report, Oceana, argues that technology-aided traceability should be made a cornerstone of regulation. They note that the European Union has adopted regulations requiring clear identification from ship to consumer of all processors involved in the handling of the fish, for certain species, and that "a number of major seafood providers, including Walmart and Sodexo" have agreed to sell only seafood certified to be traceable in this manner.

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