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Need Ramen and Food Recommendations for a trip from Hiroshima to Nagoya

theFuj46 | Feb 25, 201210:38 PM

I am going on a big family trip from Hiroshima on to Takamatsu, Tokushima, Awajishima, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Toba, and then Nagoya. I have lived in the Aichi area for a year so I can find my way around there, the other areas I still need some help to find some places to eat. Most of the meals are already planned since I am going with a big group(about 15 people).

I am mainly interested in finding either local izakaya, ramen or unique foods to try at night when there is some time to get away from the group and eat a little meal on my own. Below is a list of the areas that I will be able to go out and find some food on my own. If anyone knows a place near these sites that has something interesting to eat please let me know. Also, I know there are sites like yelp in Japanese that i can reference but I forget what the sites are. If anyone knows them please let me know those url addresses also.

First stop is the Regal Royal Hotel near the Kenchomae station in Hiroshima. It is in the Hiroshima Naka ward. I will have two nights here. So will need a couple different places to eat and drink at.

Next hotel stop is the Rhiga Hotel Takamatsu. Its about a half kilo south of the Takamatsu station.

After stopping by Awajishima, I will visit Kobe for a bit. We will go through the harborland and sannomiya. I visited Sannomiya before but didn't really look for food at that time. If there is anything I should have checked out this is probably the last chance I will have in a while. That night I will be staying at the Kyoto Royal Hotel. Which is near the Kyoto Shiyakusho(City Hall) and a kilo or so away from the main kyoto station.

After this I will be going to Toba and staying at the Toba Seaside Plaza. Its a little bit away from the main part of the toba that has the aquarium and the station. I know around the station there are some cute little places that will cook abalone and lobsters for you, but I am wondering if there is anything closer to my hotel.

Finally I will be back in Nagoya. I kind of know the city but I usually hang out in the Sakae area. This time I will be staying in the Associa which is near the nagoya station. I have never even tried to eat around the station so if anyone knows if there is a good izakaya or ramen shop near the station I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. This board never lets me down.

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