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Rachael Ray--EVOO

dmjordan | Aug 3, 200908:49 AM

I have had no culinary training and at best, can follow a recipe, but I have to question something that RR does--her use of EVOO. (Yes, Rachael, I know you've had no training either!) I've read or heard from several sources that when heating oil for a recipe you should just use OO, not EEVO, because the heat kills the delicate flavors, so why bother using the more expensive EVOO. If that is true, I think RR is doing the home cook a real disservice by leading them to believe that they have to go out and spend big bucks for EVOO, instead of just plain old OO.

So, to all of you more experienced cooks, should one save EVOO only for cold applications, while using just OO for heated applications?


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