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Quote from CH post used in advertising? [moved from Not About Food]

Will Owen | Sep 9, 201102:53 PM

A few months ago I posted this: "Okay, this may be a bit too much to settle on the basis of one visit, but I swear to you that the American Classic Burger I had for lunch at Plate 38 on Saturday was the best burger I've had in LA County."

Today, stuck onto the front page of the local paper, was one of those 3" square ad stickers I hate almost as much as I do those wraparound thingies. This one was for the above-mentioned Plate 38, and the banner head was this quote: "Best Burger in LA County", with a smaller CH logo underneath.

Now, I did a search for Plate 38 on the LA Board, and mine was the only one I could find that made such an assertion; in fact, mine didn't really make exactly that assertion, if you just read the whole thing. And of course the quote was not attributed to me, but to Chowhound. If it were pulled from an article I wrote as an actual journalist, I would expect to have it attributed, and I would demand that it be accurate. I am in fact an accredited journalist, a member of the Motor Press Guild, but my postings here are not journalism nor do they pretend to be, merely public correspondence. Which brings us back to the question: is pulling quotes from CH postings to use in advertising a commercial enterprise, using them in paraphased form, and attributing them only to Chowhound, a fair use of this forum? I have to assume that Chowhound's owners charged those guys a nickel or two for the use of the quote and the logo, and of course anything that gets posted on any Board does become the property of our host. I still can't help feeling like someone who gets photographed by the newspaper at some mob scene, and two days later his visage is all over the Internet.

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