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Quiznos vs. Subway

QueenB | Apr 24, 2007 10:16 AM

Unfortunately, in my work area, we have nothing but chain sandwich shops. Makes me miss my old home, where there was a pizzaria/sandwich joint on just about every corner. Instead of forking out 4-5 bucks for a half a sandwich, I could buy a whole one for the same price. But I digress.

If I want a sandwich, and I don't feel like making it myself, I have to go to Quiznos or Subway. Having been to both, I've got to say Quiznos is better.

Subway: At some point, they made the bread twice as big and started giving you half the meat they did before. Sure, I can get lots of different veggies, but do I really want to pay that much cash for bread and vegetables? And the bread? Well, I know they bake it fresh, but in my opinion it really isn't that good. Toasting it definitely improves it. And the local Subway doesn't carry provolone cheese. If you get an italian hoagie (sub), you're forced to choose swiss, american or cheddar. Or nothing. How can you even call it italian without provolone?

Quiznos: a little less stingy in the meat department. At least when I get a Quiznos sub, I feel like I'm getting some meat on it, not just chewing on vegetables and bread. Now, their veggie selection is not as great as Subways, but I never felt the need to have more veggie choices, because the sandwiches are substantial enough on their own. I've had the turkey sub and was pleased with it. Today, I went with a veggie sub and enjoyed that as well. Fresh mushrooms, avocado, cheese and a few other veggies. They don't carry provolone either (WTF?), so I won't get their italian sub. The bread is one step higher than Subways, still mediocre, but decent enough.

For the prices that both of these chains charge (astronomical in my opinion), I'll go with Quiznos every time. It's the feeling that I'm getting more value for my buck. The sandwich isn't necessarily better than Subway's, but at least I feel I'm getting meat.

What's your opinion, and what else is good at Quiznos?
And if you feel the need to reply "Don't go to either place.", that's not very helpful so you can keep that to yourself. It's bad enough I'm living in a wasteland when it comes to delis.

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