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Quick stop at Bruno's Bakery and Ciao Bella


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Quick stop at Bruno's Bakery and Ciao Bella

TR | Aug 13, 2003 06:25 PM

Was to stop at Bruno's and Patsy's (University) yesterday but missed Patsy's because I was too stuffed later in the day to have pizza, since I had a late lunch at Union Square Cafe.

Coffee is very good at Bruno's, excellent, and their lobster tails were so fresh (not too sweet either, perfectly light and crispy on the outside) that I bought two, took one home. I also tasted their pasticiotto, but prefer chocolate. They only had vanilla. But it was dry -- I'd not recommend those. A semolina loaf went well with gorgonzola (picked up at Murray's) and scallions for a late night snack. All of their bread looked good. A place I'll visit again, for sure.

Ciao Bella (on Sullivan) had Valhrona choc gelato. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After tasting a few others in order to decide on a second scoop, I went with pistachio brownie, simply because I thought it would complement the choc well. Their mint and key lime pie was very good and so very refreshing too. It was terribly hot yesterday.

Took an iced tea break at Greenwich Cafe. My friend ordered a martini. Sitting outside, it was warm, almost as warm as it was outside -- clearly not shaken with ice. It was sent back. The iced tea isn't worth a mention. Didn't have any food.

Was going to stop at Magnolia Bakery for more treats to take home, but was happy with my lobster tail. I now wish I took two home.

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