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Quick notes on Kona Grill for lunch [moved from Austin board]


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Quick notes on Kona Grill for lunch [moved from Austin board]

phoeniciansailor | Dec 18, 2007 12:00 PM

Just got back from a business lunch at Kona Grill up at The Domain. I talked to a few of my co-workers afterward, and the reaction from all was fairly negetive, and we all agreed we won't be going back.

I tried the avocado roll, which didn't seem to be much more than warmed avocado in some sort of (fairly greasy) dough. I also had the grilled asparagus salad, which was mostly lettuce and dressing, with spears of asparagus underneath. They weren't flimsy or overcooked (so, that's good), but they were served with the woody part of the asparagus left on several spears, which necessitated spitting those out into my napkin. So .. awkward, and unnecessary. Other than that, there were a few slices of tomato and a slice of grilled onion off to the side, which weren't really integrated with the rest of the salad. Other meals on the table were the margarita pizza (reaction: "eh"), the creme brule (reaction: "ew") and the key lime pie (reaction: pretty good!).

With dessert, we ordered coffee, and had to send it back, because apparently there was a LEMON in the coffee pot. Which -- as it was explained -- was used to clean the coffee pot the night before and apparently not removed. The waiter had to come back and ask us how to make the Americano we ordered, and when it arrived, came served as a watered-down shot in a espresso glass.

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