Some Questons For All Of You Rice Cooker Afficianados Out There. Thanks!


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Some Questons For All Of You Rice Cooker Afficianados Out There. Thanks!

Caroline1 | Mar 7, 2011 07:55 AM

Okay, I'm convinced that after buying 40 pounds of rice, I might benefit greatly from an automatic rice cooker. I figure this will be my only-ever purchase, so I want to do it right. I've been studying them on the web, and I do believe I want to spring for the Zojirushi that has the GOBA setting, but there are at least a couple of questions the web doesn't seem to address.

First off, with a GOBA setting on the rice cooker, I find that means it preheats and coddles the brown rice to start the germination process before cooking. Healthy! That's a good thing. But I have also discovered that it is possible to buy GOBA rice (apparently already pre-germinated) but it's a bit on the pricey side and seems to come in sealed predetermined quantities, probably for freshness. So my question here is does anyone know whether the Zojirushi GOBA setting requires the special rice, or does it bring about the benefits of germination in plain old every day not terribly expensive brown rice? That would be a good thing! I mean, why pay for a GOBA setting if you still have to buy the pregerminated expensive rice, right?

Next Question. There seem to be two kinds of rice cookers I'm not clear about. One cooks rice. The other cooks rice with pressure, apparently similar to a pressure cooker. But there is no information on line that I've been able to find that clarifies whether this is a feature that simply reduces the overall cooking time (the way a pressure cooker reduces food cooking time) or if it does something special to the texture or flavor of the rice. Anybody know the answer?

I have decided to go with the induction type. Hey, I live with an electric company that charges not only my arms and legs, but those of my children, so anything that reduces electrical consumption is the way to go in my book. So the only remaining dilemmas are those above. Any information is greatly appreicated. Thanks!

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