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Questions on Texas BBQ? [moved from Dallas/Ft. Worth board]


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Questions on Texas BBQ? [moved from Dallas/Ft. Worth board]

BeckJ | Nov 11, 2011 11:08 PM

I know there are many threads on BBQ here. But I want some in depth information on
Texas BBQ. What is Texas BBQ? What makes it Texas Q? How does it differ? What do
you look for when you eat BBQ? Or what makes you decide to try one place over another?
Are sides important? Does desert matter? What kind of smoke are you looking for in BBQ?
What do you want to see in a joint.....the smokers...the pits? Do you look for a wood pile and
the types of wood that might be used? Besides brisket....what other meats are important in
a BBQ place?
I am not writing a paper of any kind or opening a restaurant.....just struggling to understand Texas BBQ and what folks like and why.
Thank you in advance for all responses. I appreciate all Chowhound's :)

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