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questions on marinating and barbecuing chicken


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questions on marinating and barbecuing chicken

Aticineto | Jun 2, 2012 10:25 AM

Hi all,

I have recently been learning to cook, and tomorrow I plan on tackling barbecued chiken. I do have a couple of quesitons I can't seem to find the answers to:

I will be marinating the chicken in one of those Lawlawrys 30 minute marinades (tuscan sun dried tomato). After I marinate the chicken and remove it from the bag, do I pat it dry with paper towels to wipe off the excess marinate (I'm pretty sure i read that somewhere, but of course, I can't find it now - LOL).

After I dry it, is that when i let it sit out at room temperatrue before putting it on the grill?

Can someone walk me through all this?



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