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Question about Stainless Steel cookware-need advice

ReddWriter | Jan 12, 201107:04 AM

I'm new here so hello all.

I recently decided to go ahead and purchase some "better" cookware (than what I've been using). I'd been aiming toward the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro because I'd heard great reviews on it. I was at Costco recently and saw their Kirkland had a set of 5 ply 18/10 copper core cookware that looked pretty nice. The price was decent and I know they have a good return policy so I took a chance. I'd previously been using non-stick-but from doing some homework about SS cookware I know that you need to keep the heat lower on it. The first time I cooked using these pans I was very cautious about watching the temp I used on them. I immediately heard what sounded like the pinging and cracking of metal which I thought was odd. They also took forever to heat up. After I'd used the pan and washed it I looked it over carefully and found the "disc" of copper at the bottom had a series of what look like small cracks all the way around the bottom and point where the disc begins on the pan now has a small gap (I can put a fingernail in it). This is after ONE use. I am definitely returning these but can anyone tell me what the heck is going on with these? Are they just junk? Did I do something wrong (I can't imagine what)?

Also, while I can't afford to invest in a set of All Clad, I'm not sure a "set" of anything is right for me and have read that it's smarter to buy quality pieces that fit my cooking style and needs and build a good cookware collection rather than buy a set. I'm on the fence about whether to go ahead and buy the 12 piece set of the Cuisinart that got great reviews or just start investing in quality pieces a bit at a time.

I'd LOVE some advice and direction. I cook 3 meals a day for my family and really love to cook. As my kids get older I want to teach them to cook as well. I want whatever I get to last. I'm tired of "toss away" cookware.

Thanks for any help or advice!!

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