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Question from a soft crab purist...


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Question from a soft crab purist...

Christina D | Jun 10, 2003 12:52 PM

Being from Maryland, I am a purist about three things...sweet corn, tomatoes, and soft crabs (hard crabs too, but that goes without saying). By a purist, I mean that I believe the best way to appreciate these treasures is with the simplest of preparations. I would never, ever sauce a good ear of corn or shake some Creole, Cajun or Old Bay seasoning on it. A quick (and I mean quick) boil and a shake of salt. That's all that's needed.

Tomatoes, same thing. Simply sliced (preferably still warm from the garden), with S&P and a little bit of mayo. No grilling, breading, stewing necessary.

My favorite way to prepare soft crabs is with a quick toss in flour and pan sauteed. We then eat them on fresh bread (kaiser rolls are too much) with a little lettuce, mayo and with any luck, aforementioned tomatoes.

I actually saw a recipe on the food network that caught my eye, though. It was one of Emeril's (I know, I know...his recipes aren't usually worth the toner to print them), but hang with me. The soft crabs were grilled and served with a tomato-basil coulis. I thought that it had potential (even though he smothered the poor things with the coulis), until I found out he had stuffed the crabs with goat cheese.

Now, I adore goat cheese, but I would think that even a mild one would overpower the taste of the crab. Has anyone tried this? Am I completely off base or is this typical Emeril style - too much of a good thing wrecks it all but who cares? I get to say BAM!

Thanks in advance. I might try them grilled, maybe even with the coulis, but I just can't bring myself to try the cheese unless I'm convinced otherwise.

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