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Another question about returning a dish...


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Another question about returning a dish...

susancinsf | Dec 17, 2004 12:03 AM

Coworkers wanted to lunch today at a Vietnamese place near my office, that is popular for group coworker lunches, probabaly because it is more upscale in appearance and more uniform in food than some of the other (and in my opinion, better) Vietnamese restaurants in the neighborhood....

Still, it is far from the worst choice non-hound coworkers could make, so we go and I ordered a chicken soup listed on the menu as follows: "Mi Tom Cua Thit - Prawn, crab, pork, egg noodle soup". It was tasty enough when it came, other than the crab, which was imitation crab! (I was really surprised and disappointed, particularly since crab is in season here right now around here).

Should I have sent it back? I didn't, for two reasons:

1. main reason: it took 30 minutes to be served. Usually the place is pretty busy, but today it was slammed, and I really didn't have time for a long lunch.

2. besides, I was only charged $5.50, and the soup was certainly worth that much. I even wondered if the low cost should have clued clueless me in( that I wasn't going to get real carb (?) (just to be clear though: this is not a little hole in the wall. It is a fairly large well-known place that does an excellent lunch business)

So the real question: in sending something back because it doesn't match the menu description, does it matter whether the restaurant in question is low, medium or high end? Does using a fake version of something count as false/inaccurate menu description?

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