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Question from reporter

Elizabeth | Nov 7, 2000 02:24 PM

Hi. I am a reporter for the WalL Street Journal, working on an article about diva chefs. The idea is that there are some hot-shot chefs out there who believe they are true artists, so they want to call all the shots. They do things their way--not the customer's way--and the customer be damned. (Some possible examples: the chef who kicks people out of the restaurant if they ask for salt, because he/she he thinks the food is perfect. The chef who cooks the meat medium rare, regardless of how the customer ordered it. And the chef who refuses to alter an order in any way.)

I'm posting this because I'm trying to find people to interview who might have had a restaurant experience along these lines. If you have, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me directly. (And note: I will need to get a phone number and a name if I am to use your anecdote in my story. But if you want to send me an anonymous background tip, that's great, too.)


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