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Bitey_Barkface | Jan 8, 201008:01 AM

I have spent a long time looking for answers when it comes to Metros "Traditionally Raised" meats. Namely - is this a crock, a marketing campain, an attempt to pull the wool over my eyes? What does hormone and antibiotic free really mean? Are these animals raised the same as animals are raised in those industrialized "farms"? The only info I could find on the matter was at
http:// www.traditionallyraised.ca/
and only deals with the beef. What about the pork and chicken?

Due to these unanswered questions I have been hesitant to buy "Traditionally Raised" meats.

Well I'm happy to report that after several attempts at trying to get Metro to explain to me, in detail, what I would be buying if I bought Traditionally Raised I finally have answers!

In an e-mail response to me a Metro rep writes "Kindly find information attached in regards to the chicken. As for our pork, the Meat Department advises me that while we have no documents, they can assure you that the pigs are fed grains only and are allowed outside but all they consume are these grains."

Please find below the information in the document: It is Metros official word, take from it what you will. I think that I am finally convinced that Traditionally Raised is different that industrialized. (I don't know why it was so hard to get since is states it was created in 2006, but I'm happy to have it now).

Q&A for RWA
Created November 2006
Updated March 2007

How is Traditionally Raised chicken different from conventional chicken?
Traditionally raised chickens are different from conventional chickens because they are raised without antibiotics of any kind and are fed a 100% grain based diet with no animal by-products.

Is Traditionally Raised chicken the same as “free range chicken”?
No, a Traditionally Raised chicken is not the same as a “free range chicken”. Traditionally Raised chickens are raised in a clean, safe & controlled barn environment that provides free roaming indoor access. “Free range” chickens raised in an environment that provides unrestricted access to the outdoors.

How is Traditionally Raised chicken different from organic chicken?
Only chicken labeled “certified organic” by an accredited national or regional organic organization is organic. In order to be certified organic, the chicken must be raised under strict organic growing conditions covering specific feed regulations, growing environment conditions & the treatment of illness. Traditionally Raised chicken is a premium chicken offering that provides consumers with an antibiotic free option.

What are the chickens fed / what is in the feed?
Traditionally Raised chickens are fed a proprietary blend of feed that consists of grain, soybean, canola & vitamins & minerals. The feed does not contain any ingredients of animal origin or any animal by-products.

What exactly does “antibiotic free” mean?
“Antibiotic Free” means that the chickens are never fed or injected antibiotics. Traditionally Raised Chicken is antibiotic free & the chicken’s health is monitored and managed via proprietary feed & sanitation protocols.

Are the “Traditionally Raised” chickens processed in federally inspected & approved plants?
Yes, all chickens in the Traditionally Raised program are grown in Canadian federally inspected & approved barns.

Are the chickens fed and/or injected hormones?
No. Traditionally Raised chickens are not fed or injected hormones, which is in compliance with the CFIA regulations that strictly prohibits the use of hormones when growing chickens in Canada.

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