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Question about infusing spirits?

sanjacinto | May 16, 201208:56 PM

Alrighty, so right I did some cooking recently, and I've got some ingredients left over that I got way too much of. One of them is mint, which, as much as I like it, doesn't keep very long, and even if I were to use it in some cocktails or whatever, there's no way I'd come close to using it all. So I figured hey, why not infuse some vodka or something with it, which I've always wanted to try doing anyway. (I might do the same with some excess ginger as well, although you can store that, and I'm planning on brewing my own ginger beer over the summer, so I might just hold on to it)

Now, I know the very basic elements of how this infusion thing goes (you rinse the thing you're infusing, put it in a container along with the spirit, something happens in between, and when you're done, you filter out all the little unpleasant bits, right?)

I guess my question is whether there's a cutoff for how long you can leave the stuff in the spirit. I know it'll take a particular amount of time before the spirit will pick up whatever it is you're infusing, but after that, is there a point after which you have to stop so that...something bad doesn't happen?

I tried searching old threads, but I'm guessing this might be too basic a question, since I couldn't find an answer.

Also, anything else I might need to know would be very helpful. Thanks!

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