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question about glazes for tarts, etc.


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question about glazes for tarts, etc.

apple | May 15, 2003 10:54 AM

what do you all use to glaze cut fruit on top of tarts and other desserts? most recipes instruct you to brush the fruit with (strained, warmed) apricot jam. do you all find this to work well?

when i used to work in a pastry shop, we used a purchased clear sugar/gelatin mix called nappage neutral. at room temp it was semi-solid, but when cooked over low heat with some water, it would become a clear, thin syrup. we had to keep it over low heat to maintain this viscosity and add water periodically to the pot. it was the most marvelous, glossiest of finishes.

does anyone know where i can buy this or something similar (i live in the boston area)? or how i can attempt a home-made version? i'm making a fancy fruit-topped cake soon, and i want it to be really beautiful. i don't like the look of goopey glaze, esp. when it has that strange whitish tinge to it.

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