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A question about a copper frying pan


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A question about a copper frying pan

CindyJ | Feb 20, 2009 08:33 AM

I'm tempted to buy this pan. I saw it online at what looks to be a very good price (Bourgeat 11" pan, $132). What I'm trying to understand is what advantage this would have over a similarly-sized All-Clad piece I own.

My understanding of copper cookware is that it offers even heat, and that, in the case of this pan, the heat would also go up the sides of the pan. But if I'm frying or sauteing, why is it important to have the heat up the sides of the pan. Isn't the bottom surface where the cooking actually takes place? That's where the carmelization takes place. That's the part where the deglazing happens.

I'm also concerned about the weight of this pan. My All-Clad piece has a handle opposite the regular handle so I can use both hands to move it.

I think I'm talking myself out of this Borgeat piece. Can someone offer me some clarity and educate me on the advantages and best uses of copper cookware?

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