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A question about cooking kosher meat

CindyJ | Apr 8, 2012 07:17 AM

I don't keep kosher, and I know very little about kosher meat. This year, for the third time, I was asked to make the Passover brisket, and for the third time I found it to be overcooked. I purchased a kosher brisket at the request of our seder hosts, who do keep a kosher home. Now, just let me say, this is not to spark a conversation about braising kosher brisket in a non-kosher pot, in a non-kosher oven using non-kosher knives and other utensils. Our hosts know I don't keep kosher, and it was okay with them. Their request to me was to use kosher meat, and I did.

My question is this: does kosher meat cook differently than similar non-kosher cuts? I wondered if the meat had perhaps been salted to draw out the blood, which, like brining, began the process of breaking down the connective tissue even prior to cooking. Is there something else that might be done during the butchering/processing of kosher meats that would shorten the required cooking time? What do I need to know about cooking kosher meats that might affect the end result? Thanks!

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